Why MedSmart

MedSmart is a leading healthcare staffing organization that specializes in providing high-quality staffing solutions to healthcare facilities nationwide. With a team of experienced professionals, MedSmart offers competitive and transparent pricing, rapid response times, and a commitment to putting client needs first. Whether you are a healthcare facility in need of staffing solutions or a medical professional seeking a rewarding career, MedSmart is the partner you can trust.

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Why Outsource with Us

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Improve and Maintain Business Focus
Better Risk Management
Access to Large Talent Pool
Minimize Resources, Maximize Gain
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Identify your needs

Let us know the details of your facilities needs, from what range of staff you need, to the expectations you look for in a staff member, we work with you to understand your operational needs. 

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Establish your goals

Tell us what you want to get out of your experience with MedSmart, this helps us set goals and expectations for our staff as well as assuring all your goals are met.

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Create a scope of work

Outline and detail what coverage you need in your facility so MedSmart can assure we are covering every scope of your area.

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Select from our talent pool

MedSmart onboards the best of the best medical professionals, and we offer facilities options to choose staff from our talent pools. This allows your facility to be in control of who you bring into your facility.

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Train and integrate into your business

MedSmart handles any necessary training required so our employees can meet your expectations and standards for any specific practices your facility might have in its day-to-day operations. 

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We’ll manage operation

Take the stress out of managing new staff members off your plate as MedSmart handles all scheduling, PTO, and benefit offerings.

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