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MedSmart offers a wide range of staffing services to healthcare facilities and medical professionals alike. Our staffing solutions include traditional placements, travel assignments, remote scanning, and a float pool for staff within the same area. With a commitment to rapid response times, competitive and transparent pricing, and a focus on putting client needs first, MedSmart is the partner you can trust to provide quality staffing solutions that improve patient care and support the success of your healthcare facility.

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OR Techs
IR Techs
Cath Lab Techs
Surgical Techs
Respiratory Therapy

Frequently Asked

What if I am still a student? Can I work with MedSmart?

If you are a Radiology student, we have opportunities at MedSmart to begin your career and advance your training while you are in school! You can start with a Patient Transport position to get a foothold into the hospital, and then in your senior year of school, you can transition into a position as an X-Ray Student Technologist.

How do I know what positions are available at MedSmart?

To view open positions at MedSmart, please visit our careers page on our website. 

Where will I be working once I’m onboarded with MedSmart?

Once you are onboarded with MedSmart, you will have opportunities to work at medical facilities such as, outpatient clinics, and a variety of acute care centers throughout Nevada, Arizona, and many surrounding areas. 

What are the benefits of working with MedSmart?

MedSmart employees enjoy several significant benefits. Firstly, the wide range of positions and work settings available within our organization allows for greater flexibility in terms of scheduling and work location. Additionally, our employees have greater opportunities for career progression and personal growth compared to those in singular departmental roles at hospitals or solo positions in clinics. Furthermore, with a substantial workforce, we are able to fulfill nearly all vacation and holiday requests. For further information, please don't hesitate to reach out to us and speak with one of our representatives.

Do I need to be certified in radiology to join MedSmart?

We have Patient Transport, Radiology Front Desk, and EEG Technologist positions that do not require a license. Ultrasound and Echocardiography Technologist positions require you to be registry eligible or registered. X-Ray, CT, MRI, and Nuclear Medicine positions require you to be licensed.

Is MedSmart solely a temp agency or does it offer opportunities for full-time positions?

MedSmart primarily engages in long-term contracts with clients, which allows us to offer full-time positions to the technologists on our team. In fact, we have several client relationships that have lasted more than 15 years.

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