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Mark Cannady

President & Owner

Mark Cannady is a seasoned professional with over three decades of experience in the medical industry and entrepreneurship. As the President and Owner of MedSmart, he oversees marketing, operational guidance, strategizing, and analyzing market trends. Originally from the Midwest, Mark made his way to Las Vegas in 1989, where he served as a sales executive for a medical equipment company that specialized in ultrasound systems. It was during this time that he realized a need in the local medical community – while they had the necessary equipment to service their patients, they lacked certified medical technologists to operate them. This realization led to the creation of MedSmart. Mark's company provides permanent staffing and management solutions for the entire region. Whether his clients' ultimate goal is revenue generation or savings, Mark has created a solution-oriented company that is the only one of its kind. With a passion for excellence, he strives to ensure that MedSmart's clients receive the highest level of service. In addition to his work at MedSmart, Mark enjoys spending time with his two children, playing golf with friends, and supporting the Nevada Childhood Cancer Foundation. With his extensive industry knowledge and entrepreneurial spirit, Mark is a valuable asset to the medical community and a leader in his field.

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